Phone Support Services

Phone Support Inbound/Outbound Call ServicesThere are many reasons you may need to hire a tele-services based virtual workforce. You may be looking to expand through the use of telemarketing. You may have already expanded and wish to provide exceptional customer service, with enough representatives to handle a large call volume. No matter what your need is, you can rest assured that your needs will be met with Kinzer Projects. Our team of tele-service representatives are highly trained in providing the utmost quality in customer service while informing your existing and potential clients of the great services you have to offer.

Tele-Services Offered By Kinzer Projects

  • Telemarketing – Are you looking to increase the sales of your products or services? Have you heard about the incredible power telemarketing puts at your fingertips? With the right sales representatives, your business can go from a small mom and pop shop to a multinational corporation in a reasonable amount of time. The best news is, we already have the highly trained, quality sales professionals you’re looking for. All you have to do is give us a call.
  • Customer Service – Has your business grown to a point where it’s time to start thinking about a dedicated customer service team? We’ve got that team ready and waiting. Our customer service representatives are highly skilled in overcoming adversities to meet a common ground with your clients.They will portray the image of excellence that we know your business was founded on.
  • Client Retention – Client retention to telemarketing is a business practice used by fortune 100 companies. When a client cancels or attempts to cancel your ongoing services, you want to do what you can to win their business back. All you need to do is give us the list of customer phone numbers to call and we will do everything we can to win that business back for you!
  • Upsell Telemarketing – Do you have a product or services that has multiple levels? Would you like to bring your lower level clients into higher level products and services? Great, we can help. We have several highly trained sales representatives who understand the art of upselling. Just let us know who to call, and we will help maximize the potential of your current client base.

We’re Committed To Excellence

Our goal is not to provide you with quality, but to provide you with excellence. This quickly becomes apparent when you take advantage of our tele-services. No matter if you need us for customer service, sales, or client retention, you can rest assured that your clients and potential clients are being spoken to in a professional, non-intrusive way.